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Our Farm

At Lonsdale Tomato Farm we pride ourselves on producing the finest and freshest tomatoes, lettuce, herbs and homemade chutney on the Bellarine Peninsula.

We tend to all of our plants by hand; nurturing, preening, pruning, pollinating, plumping and hand picking to ensure our seasonal fruit and veggies are the highest quality our customers can buy.

Growing our fruit and veggies in greenhouses using a hydroponic set-up means that our produce is consistently high quality, blemish free, environmentally friendly and most varieties can be harvested all year round.


We pride ourselves on our full-flavoured tomatoes. Many people lament the flavourless tomatoes that result from early picking, but we let our fruit ripen on the vine, so they are rich, red and very tasty – as close to homegrown as you can get!


Carefully monitored hydroponic farming in greenhouses also produces high yields, which cannot be achieved in outside conditions where crops can be affected by drought, wind, heavy rain and hail, not to mention pests. And using a drip irrigation system, we don’t waste any precious drinking water.

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